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Tips for RV Maintenance


An RV is a great investment for those who love to travel. They can also be pricey to repair if something goes wrong. To prevent pricey repairs, it’s important to keep up with maintenance; and RVs require a lot of maintenance. If you’re new to the RV game, you may not know everything it takes to keep your RV functioning perfectly. Below, we break give you some tips for RV Maintenance.

Check Fluid Levels- including your engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and wiper fluid

Check Air Filter- helps your engine work better and makes for better fuel economy

Check Leaks- check for any leaks

Check Radiator Coolant- keeps your RV from overheating. Check that there is enough fluid with the correct concentration

Check Radiator and Heater Hoses and Clamps- ensure that all hoses and clamps are in great condition with no soft spots

Check All Belts- look for signs of wear in the belt. Also check the belts for tension

Check All Lights- you don’t want them to go out if you’ll be doing any night driving

Check Wiper Blades- for wear and poor operation

Check your Tires- check the tread and for any gashes or leaks. Also check the pressure

Keep your Emergency Kit handy- should have a flashlight, extra batteries, jumper cables, first aid kit, basic hand tools, and warning devices

Check the A/C- clean or replace filters

Check all Appliances- including gas, refrigerator, and water levels

Holding Tank- flush your holding tank

Check your fire extinguishers, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide and LP gas leak detector.

Brakes- check brakes every 6 months to a year including pads and drums

Check the Drivetrain- check the suspension and axles before every trip

Batteries- once a month, check for corrosion, and clean and adjust if needed

Converter- pull out the converter and inspect connectors, fuses and breakers

Follow these tips for RV maintenance and get the most life out of your RV. For more information on maintenance, check your RV’s user manual. They will have loads of information that is specific to your RV.

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