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The Advantages of Motorcycles


Though many people have negative things to say about the safety of motorcycles, they are still a great option when it comes to deciding on a motor vehicle for you. Below we break down some of the advantages of motorcycles.

Cost Effective- Motorcycles can save you a lot of money. Motorcycles cost relatively less than cars and trucks. Their gas mileage is great; usually averaging about 60 miles per gallon. They are also inexpensive to repair and maintain as compared to other motor vehicles.

Size- Because of their small size, you can virtually park anywhere without issue; even in areas designated for regular bikes. Also, their size allows you to lane split (drive between lanes) in stand-still traffic.

Cleaning- Motorcycles are much easier to clean than cars.

Environmentally Sound- Another one of the advantages of motorcycles is how safe they are for the environment. Motorcycles emit less harmful gases and fumes into the atmosphere than cars do.

Resale Value- Unlike cars and trucks, motorcycles retain most of their value and can be resold for almost as much as you bought it for.

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