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Mobile Home Pros and Cons


Mobile homes have come a long way. They no longer look like the shabby trailers that were popular in the ‘50s – ‘70s. Mobile homes have become just as nice, and sometimes even nicer than the standard “stick-built” homes we’re all accustomed to.  Mobile homes come with a lot of perks, which is why people choose to purchase them. Of course, there are also some disadvantages to owning these homes. Below we weigh some of the mobile home pros and cons.


Warranty Policies- A great thing about mobile homes is that they usually come with manufacturer warranties. If something goes wrong with your mobile home, you can get the problem fixed quickly and with a lower fee than if you lived in a standard home and had to hire a contractor to fix your issues.

Cost-Effective- As one can assume, a mobile home is much cheaper than a standard house. Mobile homes can cost anywhere from 10-35 percent less than a comparable stick-built home. Owners of mobile homes also get to forego property taxes. 

Timely Construction- The average home takes about six months to build. When you purchase a mobile home, it takes about 4-6 weeks to be constructed. This means that, once you decide on the mobile home you want, it takes relatively no time for you to be able to reside in it.

Development Control- Unlike most homes, the buyer of a mobile home has complete control over the construction process. They can choose the floor plan, amenities, and location to their heart’s (and wallet’s) desire as long as they comply with Federal and State regulations.


Short Life- People often like to keep their real estate in the family and pass it on to their descendants. Unfortunately, mobile homes start to deteriorate after about 20 years. Their short life span makes them harder to sell and refinance. Owners also begin to experience more structural problems as time goes on.

Instability of Park Owners- Plots of land with mobile home parks are usually owned by another entity. Since the plot of land may be prime real estate, there may be moments when landowners sell their land without notice. This can be troublesome for mobile home owners who had no plans of moving.

Appreciation Limit- One of the great things about owning a home is that its value slowly increases over time. Unfortunately for mobile homes, the value appreciates much more slowly. Also, the appreciation value has a limit based on the value of the plot of land your home is on and the value of neighboring mobile homes if you live a mobile home community.

Harder to sell- Due to the negative stigma still attached to mobile homes, they are harder to sell. If you do decide that you want to move somewhere else, it may take some time to get your mobile home off the market.

If you’re aware of the mobile home pros and cons, owning one can be a great investment.  If you do decide to purchase one, look into getting Foremost Mobile Home Insurance. This insurance will protect you from the expenses related to fires, floods, theft, structural damage and more. If you’d like to learn more about Foremost Mobile Home Insurance, contact us and request a fee Foremost Mobile Home Insurance quote today. Nothing is stopping you from a better living situation.