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When Landlords can Enter Tenant Units


Tenants usually hope to have their privacy respected when renting your property. Since the landlord technically manages the property, there are instances when they have the right to enter a tenant’s home without warning. Some tenants take issue with this and see this as an invasion of privacy. This can lead to conflict and complaints. That’s why it’s important that you know when landlords can enter tenant units so you can avoid any conflict and confusion.

To Make Repairs

One of the main times when landlords can enter tenant units is when they need to do repairs. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to fix any issues or repairs that your tenants experience. You have the legal right to enter a tenant’s unit to do so.

For Potential Tenants or Buyers

Sometimes, a landlord needs to show potential renters and buyers the property they are offering. Sometimes, the current tenant still occupies the unit. If people need to view the property, the landlord has the right to let them do so if they please. State law does dictate frequency and rules for giving notice.


If there is an emergency, some state laws allow landlords to enter tenant unites without notice. Emergencies include an event that is causing damage to the property, floods or fires, gas leaks, and more.

During Tenants’ Extended Absences

If a tenant will be absent from their property for a limited time, landlords are allowed to enter the unit to perform routine maintenance, inspections, and to check the security of the unit. Each stay defines an extended absence differently, so be sure to understand your state’s law. Some states do not allow entry into a tenant’s apartment, even for extended absences.

Always Remember

Even though the landlord is responsible for the property, they still have to respect the privacy of their tenants. To avoid any conflicts, always give notice that you will be entering their unit. Also remember to enter the unit at reasonable times; usually times when the tenant is not present.

It is important to know when landlords can enter tenant units. Not respecting privacy can lead to lawsuits and other tenant complaints. If you do need to make repairs, be sure to protect yourself and your property with Landlord Insurance. With a landlord insurance policy, you can cover any expensive repairs, lawsuits, or injuries.

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When Landlords can Enter Tenant Units


Landlord Entering Tenant Unit Info