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Technology for Landlords


Over the past decade, technology has become a large part of our lives. Many technological advances are used to make our live easier. This is no different for Landlords and their properties. Some of this new technology can be streamlined into the regular daily Landlord operations. Below we explain some technology for landlords and how they are useful for their daily operations.

Rent Reminders

Sometimes, tenants need to be reminded that the rent is due or will be due soon. Since so many people have smartphones, they are easily accessible. When you sign up a tenant, you will most likely have their cell phone number on file. You can also request their email addresses. Use these channels of communication to send friendly rent payment reminders with their permission.

Rent Payment

In our society, the use of paper is decreasing. More people are turning to electronic information, especially when it comes to paying bills. There are numerous apps, computer programs, and online services that Landlords can use to collect rent payments. Companies like PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and many more allow the easy transfer of money digitally.

Online Listings

The contemporary saying goes, if you’re not online, you don’t exist. This is the same for landlords. Though some home seekers drive around town browsing for ‘For Rent’ signs, many turn to online services to find their next home. If you want to reach a wider audience and possible tenant base, post your property online. Optimize it for SEO so that it ranks highly in search engines.

Tenant Screening

We currently live in a time where people post tons of personal information online. Because of social media, we can easily learn small details about people based on what they post. When you receive an application, search the applicants name on various social media sites and see what you find. This can help you weed out bad tenants. You can also do online credit and background checks to learn more about possible tenants.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the easiest ways to bring exposure to your property. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram connect you with real people and possible tenants looking for somewhere to live. You can promote your listings, offer contests and rewards for tenants who follow your pages, join similar landlord groups and more.

Takes advantage of some of this technology for landlords and bring your properties into the future. Technology can assist in marketing, rent collection and more. Because much of the new technology requires digital data, you must keep it protected from blackouts, data loss, or damage. To cover these losses, obtain Foremost Landlord Insurance. SkyBlue Insurance is an authorized representative for Foremost Insurance. We can help you find the best rates on Foremost Landlord Insurance across the country.  If you need insurance, contact us now and request a free Foremost Landlord Insurance quote to get instant results.

Technology for Landlords


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