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The Common Boat Types


So you want to hit the open seas? Boating is a pastime that is enjoyed by millions of people. Many people enjoy the thrill and freedom of speeding across open waters. When you decide that you want to purchase a boat, you’ll be met with dozens of options. If you’re not an experienced boater, you may not know which option is best for you. Below we explain some of the common boat types so you can decide which one suits your desires.


Most recreation boats fall under each category. Each category is specific to the way boats are used. They are as follows:

  • Cruising: These boats are meant for those who want to relax and enjoy entertainment on their boats. Some models come with features and amenities for day cruises and/or for night cruises..
  • Fishing: These boats come with a lot more deck space than others to allow room for fishing and equipment. Fishing boats are usually smaller and don’t allow much seating room.
  • Watersports: These boats have powerful motors and are designed for water skiers and wakeboarding. They provide towing capabilities and are much faster than other boat types.

Cruising Boats

Pontoon Boats (16-30ft)

Sailboats (7-30ft)

Cruiser (21-45ft)


Fishing Boats

Bass Boat (16-26ft)

Bowrider (16-35ft)

Sport-fishing Boats (38-100ft)


Watersports Boats

Deck Boat (25-35)

Jet Boat (14-24ft)

Wakeboard Boats (18-28ft)

These are some of the most common boat types that people purchase for recreational use. Now that you know their uses and the types of available, you can start to decide which type is best for you. Once you purchase a boat, remember to get Boat Insurance.

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