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Proper Boat Maintenance


If you’re a boater, chances are you take pride in your vessel. A boat is not a cheap investment, so you’ll do whatever it takes to make sure it is in great functional condition. If something goes wrong with your boat, it may be expensive to repair. Even if you have boat insurance, you don’t want to risk the chance of your boat becoming non-operational. Below we show proper boat maintenance to prolong its lifespan.

Wash Boat (Soaps and Cleaners specifically for Boats)

Even though your boat will spend most of its time in the water, it can still get dirty. Dirty, oil, and any other pollution can build up and affect the aesthetic and performance of your vessel. Be sure give your boat a thorough regular cleaning with soaps, oils, and cleaners that are specific for boats.

Check Oil

One of the most important parts of proper boat maintenance is ensuring that the oil is clean and at the right level. Before you take your boat out to the water, perform an oil check and be sure it’s in good condition.

Check the Propeller

The propeller is a very important part of your boat since it’s what moves your vessel across the water. If your propeller isn’t in great shape, you may experience some performance issues. Remove the propeller and check to see if all of its compartments function correctly. Also check for any chips or other damage to the propeller.

Motor Maintenance

Another key step in proper boat maintenance is the engine check. Issues in your engine can lead to numerous other problems with your boat. Be sure to check every engine hose, cable, wire, manifolds, and more for wear, bad smells, or damage. If you don’t have enough boat engine knowledge, take it to a professional.

Electrical System

Remember to always check your electrical system. Since boats spend much of their time in the water, a worn electrical system can become a hazard. Check your battery compartment and wires for corrosion. Also be sure that your battery is fully charged. Also check your spark plugs.

Safety Kit

Safety is always important when boating. Your boat should always have an easily-accessible safety kit onboard. This safety kit should contain the necessary materials in case there is an injury while you’re on the water. Your safety kit should include:

  • Life Jackets
  • First Aid Kid
  • Signaling Device (Horn, Whistle, Bell)
  • Distress Signal (Lights, Flares)
  • Throwable Floatation Device

Ensure that your safety kit is always stocked and ready to go before you hit the water.

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