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ATV Maintenance


Your ATV probably goes through a lot. With all the rugged terrain and rough riding, your ATV might see a lot of wear and tear. If you want to get the most life out of your ATV, you’re going to have to keep up with maintenance. Below we break down the importance of ATV Maintenance.

Know your Quad

One of the most important factors of ATV Maintenance is to be well-acquainted with your quad. Once you know how it works and how it feels to ride in great condition, you will be more likely to know when something has gone wrong.

Check Fluids

Be sure that all fluids are topped off. You can experience engine failure if your fluids aren’t at their proper level. Before you take your ATV out, check the oil and coolant.

Check your Ties

Tire Pressure is important for the performance of your ATV. Tire pressure affects the speed and fuel economy. Tire pressure also affects how your quad rides over rough terrain.

Assess the Hand Grips

Something you don’t want to happen is for your grips to come off while you’re riding. Be sure that your hand grips are securely glued onto your handlebars.

Inspect the Chain

Something you don’t want to happen is for your chain to break or come off while riding. Remember to check for wear or rusted chains.

Check the Air Filter

Your air filter is also important for performance. A clean air filter helps your engine “breathe” better.

Tighten Loose Nuts

For your own riding safety, ensure that every nut and bolt is tightened before you ride.

Avoid Water

Water can be detrimental to your ATV. When storing, be sure that it is protected from the rain with a cover or by placing it in a garage or shelter. Also, try not to drive through water unless you have an ATV that’s made for it.

Test the Battery

Your battery’s power is also an important part of ATV Maintenance. Regularly check your battery’s voltage and power and replace it if necessary.

ATV Maintenance isn’t only important for your ATV; it’s also important for your safety. If an ATV is poorly maintained, you can wreck it or experience an injury. If this happens, the loss may be expensive to cover.

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